We love food… We all love food. Food brings us together, it brings our families together. Whether you enjoy food for its wonderful flavours, medicinal properties or nutritional benefits or even simply because you are just a foodie who enjoys the art of cooking, we create fine food for your wellbeing.

We are a family-owned business, dedicated to sourcing, manufacturing and supplying the highest quality Nuts, Nut Spreads, Dried Fruit, Legumes and Grains, Health Foods, Confectionery, Snack Foods and Spices.

Our fascination for delicious flavours, distinctive aromas, exotic tastes and unique textures is what drives us along with our commitment to outstanding quality and innovative culinary ideas.

Our team has been bringing you our extensive array of products since 1987. With almost 30 years experience in the industry, we are ready and willing to share our knowledge and passion for food with you!

Our family is involved in every aspect of our daily operations from ordering to delivery, ensuring a hands-on and personalized touch for an exemplary level of service to you, our valued customer.



Our vision is to be Australia’s most iconic manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of the finest quality products, bringing health and happiness to your life!

We pride ourselves on prioritising Australian made products and supporting local Australian farmers. We also carefully select the finest ingredients from all over the world, supplying more than 700 product lines. You’d be hard pressed to find something we don’t have!

What you see is what you get. All our products are promoted with honesty and integrity, without making any false or misleading claims. We allow our products to speak for themselves with transparent packaging, so the quality of the product inside is clearly visible.

Our strong foundation and values inspire and motivate us every day making us the company we are today, and will be tomorrow.
We are proud to share our family business with you.

Our strong foundation
and values inspire and
motivate us every day
making us the Company
we are today.


We are meticulous with every detail to provide you the best quality.


After more than 25 years of experience in the food industry, our expertise is something we enjoy sharing with you.


We embrace the most innovative technology to create something special everyday.


We work together as a team towards excellence.


We are a family and we work with passion to provide Health and Happiness to your life.