Buy the bes quality nuts, dried fruits, grains, spices in Australia.


We’re NUTS about creating perfection!

Royal Nut Company has been supplying the Australian food industry with quality food products for nearly 30 years. Being pioneers in this industry, we have always worked with passion, precision and dedication to satisfy our customers’ needs with the finest quality products. This has allowed us to build many long-term relationships with our valued customers and suppliers.

We pride ourselves on having the finest roasting techniques and being the best dry roasters in the industry. Our oil / dry / flavour roasting techniques are considered as being the finest in Australia, and the results speak for themselves!

Royal Nut Company specializes in:

  • Contract Oil and Dry Roasting
  • Contract Flavouring
  • Contract Blending
  • Contract Packaging

We love the goodness of natural, raw materials, and appreciate flavours from all over the world; right from Asia and the Middle East across the globe to South America. This inspires our in-house chefs to create unique and exotic flavours that we know you will love!

Tamari, Sweet Chilli, Cinnamon, Herb Chilli, Wasabi, Lemon, and Smoked are only some of the mouth watering flavours in our repertoire. With our expertise and knowledge, we can transform the ordinary into extraordinary!

Our products are sought after by the finest restaurants, chefs, bakeries, chocolatiers, supermarkets, health and specialty food stores in Australia as well as overseas.

In fact, you may actually be enjoying our products without realising it, as a lot of our supplies are rebranded by our customers.

We always ensure that our products are the freshest. From supplier to store and any processing in-between: we guarantee you won’t find fresher products anywhere!


To create, produce and deliver the finest quality nuts, nut spreads, dried fruit, legumes and grains, health food, confectionery, snack food and spices, contributing to a happier and healthier life for our valued customers.