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Worth its weight! Throughout human history, Saffron has remained one of the world’s most costly spices. It was first used by the ancient Persians for its fragrance, colour and medicinal properties. It takes between 150 and 200 dried stigmas from the small Crocus flower, to form just one gram of saffron! Once dried, these vivid crimson stigmas, (of which there are only three per flower) form fine, vibrant red threads. The aroma is slightly woody and hay-like, and the flavour is slightly bitter with a hint of honey. 

  • + How to use

    When using Saffron, it is best to immerse it first in a small amount of water for around ten minutes to allow the colour to seep out and then add thisgold coloured water to the dish. Being a powerful spice, only a very small amount (often only a pinch) is required. Saffron is often used to colour rice dishes such as saffron rice often found in Indian restaurants, biryani, risotto, bouillabaisse and it is the essential ingredient in Spanish paella.

  • + Country of Origin
    Product of Iran 10573_20-06-2019_6829.png
  • + Storage Instructions
    Store in a cool dry area away from direct sunlight


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