The Carob Kitchen brings you Australia’s first Carob Bar (Bear) range made with Australian grown Carob and real Cocao Butter. 
Made from Bean to Bar, they have added only the purest of natural ingredients to blend a mild yet naturally sweet, smooth carob bar. 

  • + Nutritional Info
      PER SERVE PER 100g
    ENERGY 371 2470
    PROTEIN 1.3 8.9
    FAT, TOTAL 6.5 43.6
    SATURATED 4.1 27.2
    CARBOHYDRATE 6.2 41.6
    SUGARS 4.1 33.7
    SODIUM 22 146
  • + Ingredients

    Made with natural ingredients:   Milk solids, Cocoa Butter, Organically grown Carob powder (25.5%), Natural Vanilla extract, Emulsifiers,(GMO free) Soy Lecithin.

  • + Health Benefits

    Carob Milk Bar range contains NO Palm Kernel Oil and is grown and made in Australia. Not to mention all the other benefits.

    No added sugar - naturally sweet from the sweetness in our carob beans.

    Gluten free - for those who choose to go without.

    Caffeine free - a stimulant often the cause of migraines and addictions.

    Theobromine free - a stimulant often the cause of migraines and addictions.

    Made with real Coco Butter - free from hydrogenated fats. No Palm Kernel Oil.


    Our Carob Bar range is also:

    - Rich in antioxidants

    - High in fibre

    - High in Protein

    - Contains vitamin A. B, B2, B3 and D

    - Preservative FREE


  • + How to use

    Our Banjo Carob Bears taste so good on their own, we recommend you do just that. However if you feel the need to bake, remember to melt the carob milk bar using the Bain Marie method (a bowl over a saucepan of boiling water). 

    Simply dip fresh fruit into the melted carob and leave to set. 

    Carob Brownies are a pleasant alternative to rich chocolate. 

  • + Country of Origin
    Product of Australia
  • + Storage Instructions

    Ideal storage conditions are between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius and out of direct sunlight. Please do not refrigerate.


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