Cheers to the Chia Seed! Chia Seeds are the newest - and oldest- super food to hit shelves across the globe. An ancient food originally cultivated by the Aztecs in pre-Columbian South America. These tiny seeds are available either black or white, though nutritionally there is little difference between the two!! They are crunchy and glossy with a mellow flavour.

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  • + Nutritional Info
      PER SERVE PER 100g
    ENERGY 280.5 1870
    PROTEIN 3 20.4
    FAT, TOTAL 5.1 34
    SATURATED 0.5 3.1
    CARBOHYDRATE 0.7 4.5
    SUGARS 0.1 0.9
    SODIUM 0.6 4
  • + Ingredients

    Organic chia seeds

  • + Health Benefits

    Chia Seeds can be a great boost to your diet and your health. The seeds are an excellent source of fibre, which helps maintain digestive health, and with their high level of protein, they keep you feeling full for longer. Particularly useful for those on weight loss regimes! Chia Seeds are one of the richest plant sources of essential omega-3 fats containing 3 times more than salmon! Providing a positive anti-inflammatory effect in the body, omega-3 fats have been shown to benefit heart and joint health. Chia Seeds also contain other favourable antioxidants, vitamins and minerals including five times more calcium than milk, seven times more Vitamin C than oranges, three times more iron than spinach! They also have more antioxidants than blueberries!

  • + Country of Origin
    Product of Peru 11168_25-03-2019_7770.jpg
  • + Storage Instructions

    Keep refrigerated before and after opening to ensure long-lasting freshness


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