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Berry Yum Biotics Bar


Berry Yum Biotics can be eaten as a snack, packed for lunches (at nut-free schools too, yay!), or consumed as an after dinner treat, and always wins over a fussy eater. These nourishing bars not only love you from the inside out, but also love the environment thanks to their 100% home compostable wrappers.

  • Nutritional Info
      PER SERVE PER 100g
    ENERGY 516kJ 1720kJ
    PROTEIN 4.1g 13.8g
    FAT, TOTAL 5g 16.7g
    SATURATED 4.3g 14.2g
    CARBOHYDRATE 14.5g 48.2g
    SUGARS 8.4g 28.1g
    SODIUM 13mg 43mg
  • Ingredients
    Rice Malt Syrup*, Coconut Milk Powder*, Thriving Protein Vanilla* (14%)[Sprouted and Fermented Pea Protein*, Whole Brown Rice Milk Powder*, Natural Vanilla Extract, Whole Brown Rice Protein Isolate*, Aquamin (Arctic Sea Algae), Fermented Sprout Blend [Mung Bean Sprout*, Brown Rice Sprout*, Red Lentil Sprout*, Chickpea Sprout*, Linseed Sprout*, Alfalfa Seed Sprout*, Millet Sprout*, Quinoa Sprout*, Chia Seed Sprout*], Lactobacillus spp.<42 CFU/Bar, Chia Seed Meal, Apple Pectin (Prebiotic Fibre), Wholefood Vitamin Blend [Curry Leave*, Guava, Lemon, Amala, Holy Basil and Annatto], Natural Sweetener (Thaumatin), Vitamin D Mushroom Powder*], Desiccate Coconut* (10%), Date Paste, Blueberry (5%), Raspberry (2%), Inulin (Prebiotic Fibre).
  • Country Of Origin
    Made in Australia from local and imported ingredients Made in Australia from local and imported ingredients