Brown Mustard Seeds

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Brown mustard seeds, a must-have! Mustard has been around for thousands of years and even rates a mention in the Bible as ‘the greatest among herbs’. Mustard seeds grow on small shrubs and come in varying colours, including yellow (confusingly also known as white), brown and black. Yellow seeds have the mildest flavour, followed by brown, with black being the most pungent, although they are quite rare and are usually substituted with the brown seeds. These tiny seeds impart a hot, sharp, savoury, smooth or tangy taste, depending on how they’re prepared. The enzymes inside the seeds responsible for the mustard flavour and heat are activated by your choice of liquid. When mixed with water, they develop a sharper and hotter flavour, while vinegar will result in a milder, tangy flavour. The seeds can also be roasted in oil in a pan before adding to a dish, enhancing their nutty flavour and significantly deactivating the heat.