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Organic Sesame Seeds

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Open Sesame! This famous phrase from the Arabian Nights reflects the distinguishing feature of the sesame seedpod, which bursts open when it reaches maturity. One of the oldest plants known to man, Sesame Seeds are prized in many places around the world and enjoyed for the distinctive sesame flavour they provide. They are a feature of Middle Eastern and Oriental cooking. The small white varieties are the most common in Australia and are often used as a garnish. We also stock black sesame seeds, which have a stronger aroma and flavour.

  • Organic
  • Kosher
  • Nutritional Info
      PER SERVE PER 100g
    ENERGY 506kJ 2530kJ
    PROTEIN 4.44g 22.2g
    FAT, TOTAL 11.1g 55.6g
    SATURATED 1.4g 6.8g
    CARBOHYDRATE 0.2g 1g
    SUGARS 0.02g 0.1g
    SODIUM 4.8mg 24mg
  • Ingredients
    Organic sesame seeds
  • Health Benefits
    As well as being delicious and appealing, sesame seeds are source of zinc, iron and it also contain the bone-strengthening minerals magnesium and phosphorous. They also boast copper for healthy skin, nails and immune system. The B vitamins, niacin and folate found in sesame seeds help unlock energy from food and are needed to produce healthy red blood cells.
  • Country Of Origin
    Product of India Product of India
  • Storage Instructions
    Keep refrigerated before and after opening to ensure long-lasting freshness
  • How To Use
    Sesame seeds have a variety of uses and are suitable in almost all dishes, from breakfast through dinner. They can be eaten raw or toasted to bring out a stronger flavour. They can be used on top or in breads, buns, cakes and biscuits and they're great as a topping on stir-fries for a little extra texture. An extra crunchy addition to coating especially for chicken. Sesame seeds are often processed to make sesame oil.  In the Middle East and Turkey they are ground up to make tahini, or fashioned into delectable sweets such as Greek halva. In Japan, Sesame Seeds are used to make the exotic Gomassio or gomashio.