Buy the bes quality nuts, dried fruits, grains, spices in Australia.


Our commitment to quality has been accredited after meeting the highest standards in the industry.

We proudly carry  HACCP, Kosher, ACO (Organic) and Vegan certifications for the manufacturing and distribution of our products.

To maintain the freshness, consistency and quality of our products, we abide by stringent food safety and quality policies in compliance with FSANZ (Food Standards Australia New Zealand) requirements at every stage of processing.

Our close-knit team is well experienced in this industry and collectively have a wealth of in-depth knowledge of our many products. This expertise is an essential part of our business and hold an integral role in maintaining the quality of the product and service. Our commitment to our valued customers is reflected through our company values and the ongoing training we provide to all Royal Nut Company team members.

Your opinion is really important to us and we value your feedback. Please feel free to send us your feedback to help us with our constant endeavour to improve the quality of our products and service to you. CONTACT US




At Royal Nut Company, we source and supply natural produce that varies seasonally as well as geographically. These variations may occur in texture, size, colour, taste and shape.  

We unreservedly assure our customers that we will only ever supply the BEST quality products available to us, without compromise:  we’ll deliver to you the FINEST of what Mother Nature delivers to us!

We source our products from Australia and from all over the world.  It is our constant endeavour to ensure that all the products are of the highest quality possible.  However, being agricultural produce, sometimes it is likely that some foreign objects like stalks, stones and nutshells may be present.  We do our best to remove all these objects but these can sometimes be invisible to the human eye.  Please be assured that the presence of these objects does not mean the quality of the product is inferior in any way.

Certifications australia
Certifications australia