Dried Fruit

Apple Diced

white background with a pile of yellow dried apple rings

Apple Rings Dried

Australian Apricots

Australian Black Muscats

Australian Dried Peach

Australian Dried Pear

Australian Fruit Salad

Australian light premium sultana

Australian Natural Apple

Australian natural berries

Australian Natural blood orange

Australian Natural Currants

Australian natural fruit salad

Australian Natural Lemon

Australian Natural Lime

Australian Natural Mango

Australian Natural Mango

Australian natural orange

Australian natural orange

Australian Natural Pineapple Slice

Australian Natural raisins

Australian Natural Ruby grapefruit

Australian Natural Sultana Raisins

Australian Natural Sultana

Australian pitted prunes

white background with an orange pile of dried Australian plums in the middle

Australian Plum

Australian sultana raisins

Australian Premium Sultana

Australian unpitted prunes

Banana Chips

Cantaloupe spears – Low sugar

Crystalized ginger

Diced dates

white background with a pile of yellow diced mango

Diced Mango

Diced Natural Pawpaw

Diced Pineapple

Diced red pawpaw

Diced red pawpaw

Diced Turkish Apricot

Dried Barberries

Dried Cranberries

Dried Mulberries

dried nectarine

Dried Nectarine

Dried Peach

Dried Pear

Fine coconut

Flaked coconut

fresh dates royal nut company

Fresh Dates

Fruit medley

Fruit salad

Glace apricots

Glace figs

Glace Ginger

Glace green cherries

Glace orange slice

Glace peaches

glace pears royal nut company

Glace pears

white background with a pile of yellow glace pineapples

Glace pineapple

Glace red & green cherries

Glace red cherries

Goji berries

Golden Jumbo Raisins

Golden Raisins

white background with a pile of yellow diced mango

Mango Spears

white background with a pile of yellow dried mango in the middle

Mango spears low sugar

Medium coconut

Mixed Peel

Muscatel Clusters

Natural Green raisins

Natural orange slices

Natural Pawpaw spears

Natural Wild Figs

Orange Peel


White background image with a pile of Organic Coconut Flakes

Organic Coconut Flakes

Organic fine coconut

Organic Goji berry

Organic Incaberries

Organic Mango Cheeks

white backgroun with a redish pile of medjool dates in the middle

Organic Medjool Dates

Organic pitted dates

Toasted coconut chips on display

Organic Toasted Coconut Chips

Organic Toasted Coconut Shredded

Organic Turkish Apricots

Organic Turkish Figs

Pineapple rings


Pineapple rings – Low sugar

Pitted Deglet Dates

Pitted prunes

Premium Fruit mix for cake

Premium mango spears

white background with group of redish medjool dates

Premium medjool dates

Premium pitted dates

Premium Super fruit mix for cake

a group of dark coloured raisins


Red pawpaw spears

Shredded coconut

Sour Red Cherries

South African Apricots

White background image with a pile of Sweetened whole dried cranberry

Sweetened whole dried cranberry

Tropical mix

Turkish Apricot

Turkish Figs

Whole Dried Australian Banana

Whole Dried Blueberries

Whole dried cranberries

Whole Dried Strawberry