Szechuan pepper


Szechuan Pepper is an oriental peppery spice grown on a small tree. Though most commonly found in Sichuan cuisine, the spice has a deep and a fragrant aroma that has been likened to lavender with a peppery, citrus flavour. Also known as Sichuan pepper, the deep red-brown husks encase a tiny black seed that is best removed before grinding, as it has little taste but contributes an undesirable gritty texture. Its main claim to fame is the powerful tingling and numbing sensation it causes around the mouth.

This addictive flavour is most popular with chicken, prawns, dumplings, beef, liver & tofu.

  • Kosher
  • Ingredients
    Szechuan pepper
  • Country Of Origin
    Product of China Product of China
  • Storage Instructions
    Store in a cool dry area away from direct sunlight
  • How To Use
    It combines well with chilli peppers (another key ingredient in Szechuan cuisine.) Chefs believe the numbing effect reduces the heat from the chilli and so allows the diner to fully appreciate the flavour. It can also be roasted to bring out and deepen its flavours. Traditionally used in Chinese cuisine, Szechuan Pepper enhances rich, fatty meals but is best used sparingly and added towards the end of the cooking process.