MIXED SPICE From $3.50

Mix it up! Our three-spice blend of Coriander, Cassia and Clove powders is extremely versatile. A great blend to keep in the cupboard for turning simple dishes into something delicious. Use it to flavour couscous, sprinkle it over roasted pumpkin, or mix it into pastries.  

  • + Ingredients

    Coriander, cassia, cloves.

  • + How to use

    Our mixed spices add pizzazz to everything from pilafs to koftas, and casseroles to curries. An all-purpose savoury spice, it’s marvellous as aseasoning for pork and Asian stir-fries. You can also add it to preserves, pickles and mulled wine.

  • + Country of Origin
    Product of India 10505_20-06-2019_7618.png
  • + Storage Instructions
    Store in a cool dry area away from direct sunlight


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