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Red whole lentils

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These are a year-round pantry staple, essential for rounding out salads during hot weather and hearty soups in the winter months. Regardless of the season, their quick-cooking, no-soak-required nature makes them ideal for healthy weeknight meals. Red lentils are currently all the rage as an anti-aging superfood. Covered by a brown seed coat, it is only when they are split or de-hulled that the bright red colour is revealed. Lentils were a staple in the diet of ancient Persians, who consumed lentils daily in the form of a stew poured over rice.

  • Kosher
  • Nutritional Info
      PER SERVE PER 100g
    ENERGY 705kJ 1410kJ
    PROTEIN 14.05g 28.1g
    FAT, TOTAL 0.45g 0.9g
    SATURATED 0.05g 0.1g
    CARBOHYDRATE 28.55g 57.1g
    SUGARS 2.7g 5.4g
    SODIUM 5mg 10mg
  • Ingredients
    Red lentils
  • Health Benefits
    Red whole lentils contain iron, as well as some of the same anti-oxidants found in tea and red wine, they're an excellent, low-fat choice for any diet, and particularly useful for vegans. Quick-cooking, they're considered one of the tastiest lentils out there!
  • Country Of Origin
    Product of Australia Product of Australia
  • Storage Instructions
    Store in a cool dry area away from direct sunlight
  • How To Use
    These fibre-rich legumes add hearty flavour to everything from salads to veggie burgers. Lentils can help create savoury and satisfying meals such as soups, salads, curries, casseroles and pies. Try making a creamy curried lentil and pumpkin soup or a warm lentil pancetta and feta salad. Healthy, unusual and fit for any foodie! See also Red Split Lentils